The Counseling Department at Notre Dame Preparatory High School consists of five full time counselors, a learning resource specialist, behavioral health specialist and an administrative assistant; all of whom provide advisement, support and encouragement to students and families. The success of students stems from the effective partnerships that are created between counselors, students, parents, administration and teachers. These partnerships begin during a student’s freshmen year and continue through graduation.

Our goal is to support each student’s individual and social development, guide them through challenging academic and college preparatory classes, and encourage them to reflect upon God's plan for their future.

The NDP Counseling Department works with families and students who may be in need of or request additional services, such as personal and family counseling, tutoring, test preparation and additional needs. Our counselors can refer students and families to professionals and agencies in the community.

The NDP Counseling Department serves the student and family population and school community in the following ways:


If your student would like to discuss a schedule change, please have your student schedule an appointment with his/her counselor.   

Schedule changes will only be made if space is available, and changing teachers is not permitted.  Remember, students may only make changes to their schedule in these cases:

  • Graduation requirement
  • Completion of approved summer school course
  • Documented health issue
  • Computer error 
  • Change in level (honors, AP, regular, dual enrollment)
  • Changes can only be made the first FIVE days of a semester.

Individual Counseling and Advisement

Through individual, small group and classroom meetings, our counseling staff provides essential support and instruction through numerous formation programs that are tailored to high school students. Students are encouraged to meet with their counselors as needed throughout the school year. Additionally, the department supports students and families by providing information about professional mental health services and community resources as necessary.

Academic Advisement

Using academic records, faculty feedback and student and family discussions, the Counseling staff monitors and provides support and encouragement throughout a student’s academic career. The Counseling staff guides students and families and assists them in creating a progressive academic plan and schedule with each student. Counselors offer guidance in student course selection while ensuring each student meets NDP’s graduation requirements. Additionally, counselors offer advisement regarding student enrichment opportunities, as well as referrals to study skills and academic tutoring opportunities. Counselors also facilitate parent-teacher and student-teacher meetings as necessary.

Personal and Social Growth

The Counseling Department utilizes classroom presentations, collaboration with faculty and individual and small group meetings to foster positive growth, values and independence. Through use of Naviance, students will examine their personality, interests and future goals. This self-exploration is supported by personal conversations and allows students to develop enhanced self-awareness and identity as they move towards college and career exploration.


College and Career Planning

The Counseling Department offers valuable assistance to students and families during the college and career planning process using a variety of tools and techniques. In addition to utilizing Naviance, an online resource that assists students and families in their personal, academic and college planning process, our counselors bring years of college and career planning experience to every conversation. They are instrumental in advising students and families in the college search, application, decision and enrollment process.

The Counseling Department also hosts an annual College Information Night, inviting numerous college admission professionals to campus to address topics and provide information on their respective institutions or services. In addition, a large number of college and university representatives (over 100 annually) personally visit NDP to meet with our students and staff.

Support Services/Community Referrals

NDP provides specific and individualized support for students who may have learning challenges or who may suffer from chronic illness. The Counseling Department’s Support Specialist assists students by reviewing accommodation plans, and providing support, direction and encouragement to students to achieve their educational potential. The Support Specialist works closely with the teaching faculty to ensure all appropriate accommodations are well understood and also assists students in navigating the accommodation process for college admission standardized tests. Additional support measures are considered, but may not be able to be accommodated.

Counseling Office


Lisa McMorrow
Director of Counseling

Elizabeth Barnes
College Counselor

Deanna Duermit
College Counselor

Kristin Garcia
College Counselor

Lisa Lopez
Freshman Counselor

Crystal Brooks
Learning Resource Specialist

Lesley Adams
Behavioral Health Counselor

Kelly Jean
Administrative Assistant/College Visit Coordinator

Trudy Wallingford




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