Departments & Courses

Departments & Courses

NDP's college preparatory curriculum is carefully designed to prepare students for success at the finest universities in the country. Students and teachers benefit from sound pedagogical design, the extensive use of interdisciplinary strategies and the integration of technology in the classroom.

See our Academic Departments and the 2018-19 Course Description Guide.

Course Progression
English, fine arts, theology and world language courses are numbered sequentially. For example, English 1, English 2, English 3 and English 4.

Math Sequence The math sequence is: Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2, Pre-Calculus and Calculus. Students may accelerate through the program by taking summer school.

Physical Education Sequence
The physical education sequence is Physical Education and Health.

Science Sequence
The science sequence is as follows:

  1. Physical Science, Biology and Chemistry, plus an elective.
  2. Biology, Chemistry and Physics, plus an elective.

Different levels are available and students may accelerate through the program by taking summer school or placing into higher levels by standardized test scores.

Social Studies
The social studies sequence is: World Geography, World History, U.S. History, Government and Economics. Different levels are available.

English Language Arts

The English Department incorporates critical and analytical thinking skills into the study of various forms of literature, focusing specifically on the historical and social contexts of the stories. In addition, we strive to help students develop clarity in their speaking and writing so that they can be successful and insightful leaders of their post- secondary communities.

The goals of the English department are to focus on the development of the whole student by encouraging a lifelong love of reading, developing excellent writing skills in a variety of situations and producing confident and effective speakers.

Fine Arts: Visual & Performing Arts

The Fine Arts Department offers a variety of courses in both the visual and performing arts. All classes have at least beginning and advanced levels, and may also go beyond to even more advanced levels. The Fine Arts classes allow a student who has a genuine desire or talent to continue taking classes until graduation. It is the goal of the fine arts department to find the hidden talents of all students.

Each instructor is an expert in his/her field. All classes of each medium are taught by one person only, so there is continuity of instruction from the beginning classes, through the intermediate classes and ending with the advanced classes.


The Mathematics Department views math as a system of thought, which attempts to describe the world with a series of axiomatic analysis and quantitative perspectives. It is an intellectual process, which enables us to see more deeply into God's creation and which serves as an instrument to clarify the meaning of the world that is the seat of our existence. Mathematics allows us to make the most of our intellect along with our spirit to become whole human beings.

Physical Education

Physical Education is a sequential, instructional program in which students develop physically active lifestyles that promote lifelong fitness and good health. The planned curriculum of skills and concepts promotes optimal development of physical, spiritual and mental wellness among youth.


At Notre Dame Prep, we believe science should enhance the understanding of the universe both physical and metaphysical. Through this knowledge, students will develop an appreciation for their physical and spiritual place in God's world. Students are taught to appreciate the contributions of scientific research and the impact advancements can have on moral values. Students will demonstrate personal, social, and moral responsibility for the stewardship of the environment and scientific advancements.

Social Studies

A successful social studies curriculum prepares all students to learn and evaluate the contributions of the past, sufficiently understand the needs of the present, and look to the future world in order to understand the legacy that we must leave. The study of the social sciences in the context and principles of the social justice of the Roman Catholic Church prepares students to contribute to a democratic society, while recognizing our interdependence and responsibilities to the global community.


The Technology Department at Notre Dame Preparatory equips students with the knowledge, creativity and ethics necessary to navigate the technological revolution taking place in the world. With an emphasis on developing 21st century skills, students develop a broad view of technology and its potential uses. Critical thinking is developed as students face real world problems, developing technological solutions to solve them. The Technology curriculum at Notre Dame Prep prepares students for a future of technological expertise.


The Theology Department plays a pivotal role in advancing our Catholic school mission. It has the responsibility of providing a clear, sequential, integrated presentation of the Roman Catholic worldview that is engaging to youth while remaining faithful to the magisterium. Moreover, it pursues this mission in conjunction with parents (the student's primary educators) and with due consideration for the ongoing psychosocial, intellectual, and spiritual development of the students themselves.

World Language

Our Lord created a large and beautiful world with a myriad of different peoples, diverse languages, and cultures. Since the essence of human interaction is language and communication, it is our mission at Notre Dame Preparatory High School to promote excellence in teaching and in learning by educating students to be linguistically and culturally prepared for advanced education and active citizenship in our global society. By exposing our students to a second language and exposing the art, history, and culture of the speakers of that second language, we can deepen the understanding of, respect for, and appreciation for others. With the focus on performance in the target language, students of Notre Dame Preparatory will exit our school equipped with skills, knowledge, and proficiency needed to use the second language in a variety of contexts.

Strengthening minds, bodies and souls

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