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Transitioning Back After A Long Break From School
Posted 01/03/2019 09:43AM

How to Successfully Transition Back to School after a Long Break by Lesley Adams


Welcome back NDP families and a warm welcome to all of our seniors returning for their last semester here at NDP!

As we embark on a new semester filled with grace and mercy, we're wondering where to even begin transitioning back to busy schedules, sporting events and many school activities.  We wanted to review a few quick and easy tips for a successful beginning to this new semester.

1.     Start getting back to bed on time.  This first tip may be the most obvious, but it's also the most important.  Teenagers specifically need on average 8-10 hours of sleep per night due to cognitive and brain development during this time.  Lack of sleep can hinder our ability to absorb and retain new information, our mental and emotional health can be negatively affected as well as increase the risk of injuries to ourselves.  So make a commitment to a schedule, use an app to notify you of a scheduled bedtime, but make sure your student gets the sleep they need.

2.     Plan, Plan, Plan. One important to skill to stay on top of schoolwork and student's other commitments is learning to prepare and prioritize. Utilizing a physical paper-based planner, time management apps, (such as Rescue Time, Focus Booster or Evernote) or taking time to write down your priorities for each day, week and month can help any student focus on homework, study for big tests or work on upcoming presentations.  It can be easy to fall behind on schoolwork or forget about an assignment.  If you aren't using some type of planner currently, invest in one for your student to utilize throughout this semester.

3.     Time is precious, use it wisely.  Time management is an important skill to have when getting ready for each semester.  An important part of planning is knowing what's coming, and that's super easy to do here at NDP!  We have an app that accesses important events and a weekly calendar that shows everyone what's going on here on campus.  We also send out e-mails and notifications regarding any other NDP events that you may want to know about!

4.     Take care of you. Stress and anxiety can be a common occurrence at the start of a new semester.  It can be overwhelming with so much information being thrown at our students.  Our last important tip is to make sure students have an appropriate outlet for your stress.  This can be physical exercise, reading a non-school book, meditation, going to church, hanging out with friends or family, or anything that alleviates stress for you – do it!

If your student is experiencing any socio-emotional issues and you're looking for additional help or resources, please contact your student's counselor.  We are happy to help our students be successful both at home and here at NDP


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