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Wednesday Schedules Are Changing
Posted 03/14/2018 09:38AM

The times, they are a-changin! Parents please note that starting on March 21 the following bell schedules will be followed each Wednesday until the end of the school year. This is so we can move forward with the implementation of the new House System.

The goal of the House System at Notre Dame Prep is to create and nurture a school community where everyone belongs, participates and grows in relationship with Jesus Christ.

At Notre Dame Prep we are implementing a House System to augment our strengths and to address some areas we know we can do better. Houses make it possible to

  • Allow students to be an important part of their school community from their first moment on Campus.
  • Have the opportunity to grow in the understanding of and living out the Core values of Reverence, Respect and Responsibility
  • Engage in intentional character, faith and discipleship formation
  • Share faith in a more informal setting
  • Engage in an increased number of opportunities to lead, participate and serve others.
  • Build supportive relationships from all grade levels
  • Diminish unhealthy and exclusive competition while enhancing and encouraging healthy competition.
  • Support Housemates at Marquee events such as sports events, performances and competitions
  • Provide the opportunity for getting to know Housemates outside the classroom.
  • Provide a source of positive peer-pressure and motivation to be better
  • Attend marquee events and to draw more attendance to lesser attended athletic and fine arts events
  • Assure that no one is left behind. Everyone has a place in the community
  • Ensure each student has the opportunity to have excellent role models in the upper grades
  • Give every student the opportunity to know faculty and staff members in an informal setting, enhancing the impact of the mentor role.

In order to provide time for our "Houses" to meet, bond and plan, we have rearranged the Wednesday bell schedules. No class time was eliminated in the making of these schedules. However, on Wednesdays only, the morning break and lunch will be combined into one 30-minute grab and go brunch. Seniors who have no H period will be dismissed from school at 12:24 p.m. on regular Wednesday Early Release days and at 1 p.m. on Wednesday Gold Early Release days. They may use this extra time to work on senior Capstone presentations.

The Schedules are as follows:

Wednesday Gold Early Release (All Students Released at 1:40 p.m.)

A: 7:40 - 8:50. (70)
B: 8:54 - 10:04. (70)
Brunch - 10:04 - 10:34. (30)
C: 10:38 - 11:48. (70)
D: 11:52 - 1:00. (68)
Senior Capstone Prep/ Underclass House meeting: 1:00 - 1:40. (36)

Wednesday Early Release (Seniors Released According to Schedule Below)
A: 7:40 - 8:13. (33)
B: 8:17 - 8:50. (33)
C: 8:54 - 9:27. (33)
D: 9:31 - 10:04. (33)
Brunch - 10:04 - 10:34. (30)
E: 10:38 - 11:11. (33)
F: 11:15 - 11:48. (33)
G: 11:52 - 12:24 (32) Seniors with no H period dismissed
H: 12:28 - 1:00 (32) All remaining seniors dismissed
House: 1:04 - 1:40 (36) Underclass House meeting


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